Summer University in Eger - 2012

The photos are taken by Attila András, Hegedűs.

Opening ceremony of the 42nd Summer University


Students in front of the Líceum in Eger


In the renovated basement of the Líceum in Eger


Roof of the Imola-house (Vagner-house) in Eger - from the inside


In the reformated church in Szalonna - origin of the building dates back to the 11th century


Visiting the L'Huillier-Coburg Castle in Edelény - soon to be completely renovated


In the garden of the Country House of Jósvafő - many thanks to Péter Szablyár for the hospitality


Visiting the burnt down castle of Krasznahorka (Krasnahorka - Slovakia)


Students' forum: listening to each other's lesson


Group photo about the students at the end of the University